School Clothing

We have consulted with prospective families at a development evening and have found opinions about whether or not to have a formal school uniform to be quite divided. We have therefore decided that for our first year we will not have a set uniform, reviewing the decision with children and their families during that first year.

However, we are developing a school clothing policy…

The headline: Children must be dressed appropriately to climb, jump and run in all weathers.

This means that we ask that clothes are:

  • Practical – children shouldn’t be worried about getting dirty, getting tangled or tripping. For example, no open-toed shoes, heels, slip on shoes or crocs!
  • Comfortable – children should be equally comfortable curled up on a beanbag or climbing a tree. In particular, please encourage girls to wear clothes where they are not concerned about needing to preserve their modesty (a good test is to think about whether they would be able to hang upside-down from a climbing frame!).
  • Suitable – if it is due to rain, children will need waterproofs and wellies. If it is hot, they will need hats and cool fabric.
  • Sensitive – we ask that you avoid obvious logos (we do not want clothes to become about money) and certainly avoid anything that could cause offense or make others feel uncomfortable (particularly slogans).

And finally

  • Labelled! We know that practical, comfortable, suitable and sensitive clothes usually means wearing layers, so children will have a place to store outside clothing.

Why have we decided to try having no uniform?

Clothing is strongly associated with identity. When a child chooses what to wear in the morning, they are thinking about the messages they want to give out about who they are. We want to support children to be comfortable with their own identity and learn to be confident individuals, resist peer pressure and think for themselves. Having no uniform could help children to begin to develop some of these skills and attitudes.

We are also aware just how expensive a school uniform can be. Especially as children grow so fast. By having no uniform, we keep the ‘starting school’ costs to an absolute minimum.

However, we know that children often take great pride in having a school uniform, and some parents think it makes life much easier. This is why we will consult again during our first year.

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