Our ethos and values

The foundation of our school is one of respect and a belief that everyone has the potential to create positive change in the world.

We respect children

  • They will have a strong voice in our school - we will give them the skills and confidence to do this,
  • We celebrate childhood - children learn through play, having fun and being curious.
  • Every child will have an Individual Learning Plan, developed through one-to-one time with their teacher. 
  • We give children the opportunity to take responsibility and challenge themselves; everyone has the potential to create positive change in the world.

We respect families

  • We will involve parents and carers throughout the school, listening to their views and supporting them to support the school and their children's journey.
  • We will help working parents and carers by offering a high quality extended school day. 
  • We will support families by offering a choice of school holiday times.

We respect teachers

  • We will ensure that every teacher is given the time to get to know their pupils and the time to develop the best lessons to meet their needs.
  • We will offer excellent training and opportunities for professional development, including the space for teachers to develop their own ideas and specialisms.  


As a co-operative school, we are owned by the community for the community and our values are in common with co-ops all over the world:

Self Responsibility: Everyone in our school is encouraged to take responsibility for their part in their own success and the success of the school. We will develop a responsible attitude to the world and our environment.

Self Help: It is essential that everyone believes in themselves and their ability to make a difference.

Equality: No two children are the same; we respect and accept that others will be different to ourselves and strive to learn about and understand diversity. Our school will be inclusive and everyone given equal opportunity to succeed.

Equity: We will strive to always keep an open mind and act fairly. We do not make assumptions about ability, interests or needs. We will look for the best in each other and will value and encourage all types of achievement.

Democracy: We will make sure that all those with a stake in our school's success have a voice. We listen to our students, parents, teachers and community and encourage them to play an active role.

Solidarity: Our school will be successful because we will all contribute to making it a success. No child will be left behind because we work together to ensure they are not.
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