Outdoors and Active

Children are growing people. Without enough physical activity their bodies will not get what they need. We are an extremely active school that aims to get children outside the classroom and moving around as much as possible. Our thematic curriculum makes this possible and our site is being developed to make this easy. We are developing our plans for the site to make sure that teachers have options to move their class around when they need to, including outdoor classrooms.

Mariposa Primary School will have plenty of green space, and space to run, play and take part in sport. Read more about our site.


Whatever the weather

There is a good chance, being in England, that a significant number of the school days will be rainy. We therefore ask that children come to school equipped with clothing that is suitable for the weather. Whilst we won’t be going outside in a gale or thunder storm, we will be during ‘normal’ British weather. Staying inside all day is no good for learning or for behaviour. We have found that younger children do not mind going out in the rain at all – in fact, the chance to jump in puddles is normally relished.
See our school clothes policy.


Outdoor Education

What is Outdoor Education?

Outdoor education can simply be changing the environment in which learning takes place – literally, getting the children outdoors, physically interacting with the world. Forest School is a more targeted approach, creating a classroom using the resources of the natural environment. We will benefit from the support of our partner school’s forest school teacher from our opening year, until we are large enough to recruit our own.


Why is outdoor education important?

There seem to be three main reasons:

  1. Research has showed that children learn quite differently when given the opportunity to take a ‘hands on’ approach. It is important to offer a range of ways for them to learn.

  2. Long school days indoors are difficult for children, being outdoors more improves their physical and mental health

  3. Children really enjoy being outside! And when you are having fun, learning is much easier.


Where’s the research?

From a research review commissioned by Farming and Countryside Education:

“The outcome of the review provides evidence that by experiencing the world beyond the classroom children:

  • Achieve higher results in the knowledge and skill acquisition;

  • Increase their physical health and motor skills;

  • Socialise and interact in new and different ways with their peers and adults;

  • Show improved attention, enhanced self-concept, self-esteem and mental health;

  • Change their environmental behaviours for the positive, as do their values and attitudes and their resilience to be able to respond to changing conditions in their environment.”

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