Our Partner School

We are being set up in partnership with the fantastic Broadfields Primary School in Edgware. The two schools have a lot of similarities with each other, which means we can be assured that our standards, our curriculum and our systems and policies will be well established, right from the day we open.

Why Broadfields?

There are lots of reason that the schools are a good fit.

  • Broadfields offers a thematic curriculum
  • Enriched with a lot of music and outdoor learning (how they’ve set up their outside space is inspirational)
  • They teach Spanish as their foreign language
  • They are nearby – we will be able to use some of their staff and resources whilst we are very new. 
  • Broadfields is an Academy. This means that they’ve converted from a Local Authority run school to one directly accountable to the Department for Education and therefore have a lot of the knowledge and understanding we’ll need – such as managing finances. 
  • And most importantly, the staff at Broadfields really understand and support our vision for Mariposa.

Are the two schools the same?

No. We are adapting parts of what they do, but some parts of our offer are completely new – like the Challenge Weeks and the flexible holidays. The process of questioning existing practice alongside other ideas and approaches and deciding what will work best for the new school has been really useful for both schools.

How long will Broadfields support Mariposa for?

We have planned for their support until we’ve been open two years. Robin Archibald, their Head Teacher, will become a mentor for our Head Teacher and our staff will be linked with equivalents in Broadfields. They will also be represented on our Governing body until we are established.

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