Working at Mariposa

Mariposa Primary School is a co-operative. That means that it is owned and run by its members (read more about how the co-operative works). We know that teaching is a really pressurised job, and that teachers aren’t always able to teach in the way they feel is best. It is important to us that isn't the case at Mariposa.

As a co-operative, staff have an equal stake in owning and running the school. This will, quite literally, be your school.  We are looking for teachers and school staff who are interested in working together with the community, with parents and with children to build a school that is as good as we can make it. Who approach life with positivity and an open mind. We are looking for teachers who share our passion for creating an excellent, globally focussed curriculum within which childhood is protected.

For example, whilst developing our application teachers raised the problem that the only way they could do their job to a high standard is by working late into the evenings, which damages relationships with their families and leaves them totally exhausted by the end of the term. It is one of the bedrocks of our ethos that teachers should be able to take the time to get to know each child and their family. And that both teachers and children should be able to enjoy lessons. So we prioritised increasing the amount of non-teaching time for each class teacher, initially by drawing on the support of our partner school.

Then there’s the issue of the school holidays. If parents dislike going on holiday at the same time as all the children in the UK, teachers probably dislike it more. Our flexible holiday options extend to teachers too – you will be able to choose which holiday pattern suits you.

And finally, there are the development opportunities of being in a school that is new, a school that is interested in trying new things and thinking about old problems in a different way. Every teacher at Mariposa Primary School will initially be linked with a teacher at Broadfields Primary School, giving valuable support and a sounding board. And because we are growing year on year, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your career.

But really, it’s the culture of Mariposa Primary School that will make it a great place to work. It’s that sense of doing something positive, of working with a group of people who all share that determination to make this work. And of that determination extending beyond the staff team to the Governors, parents, children and wider community. That passion and belief in an inclusive, excellent state education. Everyone working together to make things better.

We are a free school. Whatever your politics, look beyond the label and consider whether you could see yourself working with us, trailblazing a different approach to education at the first co-operative primary free school in the UK.

The practicalities

  • We recognise the main teaching unions, so our pay and conditions are in line with their requirements.
  • We require that all our class teachers hold qualified teacher status. The only teachers in the school who may not be fully qualified are those who are delivering specialist sessions – for example, musicians or actors – who do not need to be able to deliver the full curriculum.
  • Every member of staff and volunteers will be fully trained in restorative justice and the school ethos in practice.
  • Every member of staff and all volunteers will be DBS checked.
  • Our teachers will work a normal number of hours, and a normal number of weeks, however we will be looking for flexibility about which hours and weeks are worked. We are open to negotiating flexi-time and time off in lieu if needed. We hope that we can minimise the amount of voluntary overtime teachers end up doing outside of school hours. We can’t underline enough – we are looking to develop our approach in partnership. Our staff have an equal say in how our school is run.
  • As we are a new school, we will continue to develop our approach so that it meets the needs of all children but also supports a happy and high achieving staff team.

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